Twente / Salland Roadside Memorials

Almelo - Bolkshoeksweg

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On April 2nd 1945 the two brothers Kamphuis where executed by the Sicherheitsdienst (SD)
Their where both resistance fighters the Germans found lots of weapons and ammo at their farm.
In the afternoon of April 2nd the brothers where brought to the wrecked V1 launching site,
at the Bolkshoek they where both shot by Schweinberger with a machinegun.

Almelo - Ootmarsumsestraat (Vriezebrug)

This Remembrance stone was donated by
'Historische Kring Almelo' (Historical society Almelo).
Designed by Hans Holtmann

During the liberation of Almelo on April 4th 1945 two members,
of the Canadian Grenadier Guards where killed on this spot in Almelo.
Their tank was hit by a German panzerfaust which was shot from the balcony,
of the shoestore of "ten Dam"


22nd Armd. Regt., Canadian Grenadier Guards, R.C.A.C.
who died on
Wednesday, 4th April 1945. Age 35.

HOLTEN CANADIAN WAR CEMETERY, Overijssel, Netherlands.

Grave Reference/
Panel Number: III. C. 10


22nd Armd. Regt., Canadian Grenadier Guards, R.C.A.C.
who died on
Wednesday, 4th April 1945. Age 26.

HOLTEN CANADIAN WAR CEMETERY, Overijssel, Netherlands.

Grave Reference/
Panel Number: VI. A. 12

Almelo - NS-Station (Halte) "De Riet"

This plaque is to commemorate that at this spot the Canadian 4th armoured division,
entered the city of Almelo on April 4th 1945 and started the liberation of the city.

One of the first regiments to enter the city were,
The Lake Superior Regiment (MB),
and the Canadian Grenadier Guards

The monument is a bronze plaque and is mounted to the wall of the railway station "De Riet"

Borne - Mekkelhorstweg


On november 25th 1944 on this spot where executed
G.J. Boomkamp,
J.H. Roetgerink
P.A. van Dijk

because of the "missing pilot" F/Lt H.J.S Taylor
who on november 19th 1944 landed by parachute near this spot

Delden - Brinkweg

The monument is a reminder of the liberation of Delden
by the Canadian Lincoln and Welland Regiment on April 4th 1945.
The monument is not only to keep the memory alive but also as a warning.


Enter - Bornebroekseweg

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Memorial for 11 Jews from Enter who where killed in Sobibor in 1943.
This memorial is on the road from Enter to Bornebroek.

This Remembrance stone was donated by Lamers, Grintweg 4, 7604 PV Almelo.

Enter - Eversdijk

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On December 9th 1944 Hendrikus de Vries
was executed by the Sicherheitsdienst (SD) in Enter
The Germans accused him of helping resistance fighters,
the SD found nothing more then some papers and a typewriter,
The two SD officers Hardegen and Neubacher said he had to bring,
the typewriter to the car so they did.
Then Hardegen said " So das war es. Gehen sie ruhig zu ihrer frau"
Which means that he could go home to his wife,
when he tuned around and walked home Hardegen and Neubacher
Shot him in the back.

Luttenberg - Blikweg


On Dec 4th 1944, a V2 rocket was fired from Hellendoorn.
A few minutes after lift off, the rocket malfunctioned and nosed down to the earth,
about 5 kilometres southwest of Hellendoorn near the small town of Luttenberg.
Many civilians had seen the crash and hurried to the impact site,
to get a look at this curious machine.
Local residents had heard the noise of previous V2 rockets,
blasting into the sky for many days but had never seen these weapons up close.

Nineteen people died at Luttenberg that afternoon when the warhead,
of the V2 rocket, (which remained unexploded after the crash)
detonated with the crowd surrounding it.
After the war a monument was erected at the crash site
in memory of those who died that day.
The monument reads

In Memory of the V2 disaster on
4 December 1944
On this place lost their lives

Ootmarsum - Almelosestraat

The 'Menco-monument' in Ootmarsum is in remembrance of the 4 Jewish citizens,
who where killed by the Germans here at this spot on October 7th 1944

Father Maurits Menco and his 3 sons Simon, Sallo en Nico Menco.

The monument was revealed by Mrs Betty Themans-Menco (daughter of Maurits Menco).


Tilligte - Kampstieweg

"Dropping monument"


This monument is a remembrance to the allied droppings of weapons,
for the resistance in September 1944.

Almelosestraat, Rijssensestraat

On March 29th 1945 10 resistance fighters where shot here on the Almelosestraat.

The order came from Sicherheitsdienst SD-Brigadefüher Schönart in Zwolle.
At almost 19:00 hrs that evening 10 men where shot in Wierden,


After that the remaining 10 resistance fighters where shot here on the Rijssensestraat (N 350).
The order From  the Grüne Polizei was that the body's must stay there till noon the next day.

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Zenderen - Lidwinaweg

On Saturday morning sept 23, 1944 the Sicherheitsdienst (SD) got orders to go to Zenderen.
They took a young woman with them that showed them the gate to the house Lidwina.
To the people in the house who saw this alarm bells where ringing,
because the house was the central post of the "Twentse Knokploegen"(K.P, L.O and L.K.P).


The resistance fighters immediately opened fire, and was answered by the Germans with heavy machinegun fire.

People of the K.P fled, Coen Hilberink was shot down Dirk Ruiter was also hit but he tried to get away,
still shooting but was soon kept by the Germans.
The father Sietse Hilberink also tried to get away but he was also made prisoner.
Dick Ruiter (25) and Sietze Hilbrink (64) where first brought into the house, but later shot behind the building.
After that their bodies where brought into the house again
together with the body of Coen Hilberink the house was looted first by the Germans
and later they filled the house with explosives and blew it up.

After the liberation of Almelo on April 4th 1945 the victims where identified and buried

Zenderen - Zeilkertweg

Navigator Gerald Hood was one of the crew of a British bomber  (Lancaster LM 658)
of the 100th squadron which started a raid on 13 august 1944 from air force base Waltham.
On the way back from a raid to Braunschweig the plane was hit by a German nightfigher,
of the II JNGI and crashed down at Bergentheim.
Pilot Williams, sergeant Downie, air gunner David en Gerald Hood escaped by parachute.

A day after Gerald Hood's landing at Nijverdal,
Hood was brought by Gerrit Jan Piksen to the family Van der Wal.
On the night of march 13th 1945 the Grüne Polizei
arrested Gerald Hood and the student Bote van der Wal,
they where betrayed by a neighbour who told the Germans
that there was a British airman in the house.
Van der Wal and Hood where brought to the prison in Almelo,
and interrogated several times by Hauptsturmführer Sandrock.
On the order of Hardegen Hood was killed on 21st of march
by Schweinberger who gave him a neckshot.
he was buried at "Vloedbeld" next to a not exploded bomb.


'En weer weent een moeder om het verlies van haar zoon'

And again a mother cries because of the loss of her son

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