Texel (Den Burg) General War Cemetery

Texel is one of the West Frisian islands and Den Burg is its main town.
Follow the signs to Den Helder and then take the ferry to Texel.
Coming off the ferry follow the main road towards Den Burg.
At the first roundabout turn right, then turn first left into Beatrixlaan.
Continue along here and turn left into Kogerstraat which is opposite Boogerd,
and the cemetery is at the end of this road.

At the Texel War Cemetery you will find the graves of  pilots of the allied forces
that were shot down above the island.
There are also some Army, Navy and Merchant Navy graves,
the majority of the graves are Royal Air Force,
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, Royal Canadian Air force,
Royal New Zealand Air Force and Royal Australian Air Force.

Texel (Den Burg) General Cemetery contains a plot of 167 Commonwealth burials,
of the Second World War most of them airmen.
44 of the burials are unidentified.


German victims who died on the island were initially also buried in a part of the general cemetery in Den Burg.
In 1949 they found their last resting place on the military cemetery in Ysselsteyn,
municipality of Venray, the Netherlands.

This monument can be found at the entrance of the Texel War Cemetery. It is to remember the friendship between Texel and Georgia. This friendship goes back to the second world war. Georgian soldiers, forced to serve in the German army, stood up against the Germans in april 1945. They killed the Germans in their own battalion, but could not win of the re-enforcements that the German army flew in. Besides this the German army in Den Helder began firing cannons at the island. In this battle, that took 5 weeks, 565 Georgians, 120 Texelaars and approx. 800 Germans died. The Georgians are buried at Loladze cemetery at De Hoge Berg, near Den Burg. After the war the people from Texel and Georgia kept in touch until the cold war prevented the Texel - Georgia relationship. This monument is placed here by the Georgians after the cold war, when ties between Texel and Georgia were fixed again.

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