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Q: I think this Badge is Canadian, For sure it's air force
     "SIC ITUR AD ASTRA" Such is the path to the stars
     RCAF Motto: "PER ARDUA AD ASTRA" Through Adversity To The Stars

A: This badge is a cap badge worn by the Canadian Air Force, formed in 1924.
     The badge was not used for very long and is very collectible
    <Clive Law>

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Q: Canadian ?

A: This badge is the Royal Canadian Dragoons. This was cut from the
     formation badge they wore when they were part of the 1st Canadian Corp.
     The red background was originally a diamond shape.

     <Clive Law>


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Q: The flag in the picture was found among D-Day memorabilia of a member of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa  (3rd Canadian Infantry Division) who landed at Normandy and served in Belgium and the Netherlands. Does anyone recognize it or know its significance?

Thanks. Gord Watson,
Dartmouth NS Canada

A: I would call this a patriotic decoration rather than a flag, in the sense that it was probably meant to be draped indoors, and not flown on a flag pole.
It has the Star of India in the centre, four white stars on the St George's cross probably represent New Zealand, the arms of Australia, Canada, and Union of
South Africa in the quarters. The South African arms were granted in 1910. The maple leaves on the Canadian shield were blazoned in 1921 and changed from green to red in 1957.It might have been produced for celebrations in connection with the Silver Jubilee of George V in 1935, or the Coronation of George VI in 1937.

David Prothero, 2 July 2002

The Australian Coat-of-Arms was the official one between 1908 and 1910.
As for the Southern Cross, I believe it stands for New Zealand.

Miles Li, 2 July 2002

Answers found on FOTW - Flags Of The World
and placed here with kind permission of the webmaster.


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Q: Canadian ?

A: This badge is the 'Mars' badge, named after the Greek god. This was
     worn in Canada to identify a trained soldier. As all Canadians in Europe
     were 'trained soldiers' it was not worn there. The badge was worn on the
     right sleeve, at the cuff, with the arrow at a 45 degree angle facing forward.

     <Clive Law>

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