"Jonkersbos"   War Cemetery Nijmegen

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The town of Nijmegen is 16 km south of Arnhem.
Jonkersbos War cemetery is 4 km south west of Nijmegen, and 1km south of the main Grave-Nijmegen road.
Following the A73 exit at the junction Nijmegen Wijchen, follow the directions to Nijmegen along the A32b,
entering Nijmegen on the Graafseweg.
On reaching the Industrieterrein, a Commission signpost directs visitors to turn left onto the Weg Door Jonkersbos.
Shortly after appears a further signpost showing the left hand turning onto Oude Mollenhutseweg.
The cemetery is located 150 meters onward after entering the Oude Mollenhutseweg,
on the right hand side of the road.

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Nijmegen was a front line town from 17th September 1944, until February 1945.
The cemetery is in a wooded area known as Jonkers Bosch from which it took its name,
and was created by No. 3 Casualty Clearing station.

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18 soldiers from the United Kingdom were buried in adjoining graves which could not be individually identified,
and are commemorated by special memorials inscribed "Buried near this spot".

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Two other special memorials record the names of two United Kingdom soldiers,
known to have been buried in the cemetery whose graves could not be found.

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Czech, Belgium and Dutch graves.

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