Gloster Meteor at Twente Air Base 1953

On June 27, 1948, with the arrival of the first Gloster Meteor Mk.4 in The Netherlands,
the Jachtvliegschool (Fighter Pilot School) was established at Twenthe Air Base.
Nr. 1 Jachtvliegsquadron was established on November 15, 1948.
On April 14, 1949 this first Dutch squadron operating jet fighters was re-designated 323 Squadron
as a result of Western European Union naming conventions.
The squadron was moved to Leeuwarden Air Base.

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No two-seat Meteors were available at this time and training was rather primitive.
In order to familiarize student pilots, ammunition boxes behind the cockpit were removed,
in order to create space for the instructor pilot.
On a typical training run speed was gained until the nose landing gear was lifted,
after which the student would slow the aircraft down again.

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All pictures on this page where taken in 1953 by my dad at Airbase Twenthe "Complex Oost"

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Refueling the aircraft.

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The tail of a Gloster Meteor F Mk 8

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A Gloster Meteor Dual in the foreground.


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