Dutch Documents

Identity Card "Persoonsbewijs"

In april 1941 it was ordered that all citizens of 14 years and above must carry a Persoonsbewijs

The above ID's are the regular issue

Fake Persoonsbewijs

This ID is a fake made by the Dutch resistance

Distributie Stamkaart No.1 and No.2



Identity Card N.B.S "Interior Military Forces of The Netherlands"

"Active Resistance"

Note the spelling error in the word Dutch

Children Identification cards

Children had these Children identification tags costs 0,10 cents

Identification of the Dutch Airraid Protection Organisation

Dutch money


1 and 2 Guilder bills printed by the American Banknote Company

10 Guilders signed by collaborator "Rost van Tonningen"


"Lieftick tientje"

Special Passes



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