General Cemetery "Rusthof" Amersfoort  (Oud Leusden)

On the General cemetery (Algemene Begraafplaats) de Rusthof located at Oud-Leusden
are next to the general graves also a quite amount of war graves.

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Soldiers are buried here from all nations Dutch, Russian Central Europeans
and soldiers from the commonwealth.

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As noted before there are all kind of nationalities buried on the cemetery they all where POW's.

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Most of the Dutch victims are of Camp Amersfoort, executions or hunger.

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The commonwealth war graves gives a total of 231

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United Kingdom 141
Canada 60
Australia 11
New Zealand 12
Poland 6
Belgium 1
Total 231

All graves are Air force personnel except one grave of a British Infantry soldier,
he drowned crossing a river during operation Market - Garden
and washed ashore near Vianen

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During the War the Germans pronounced the cemetery as being a military cemetery.

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"Bent but not broken"

As mentioned British soldiers are buried here
but during the war also U.S and German air force personnel was buried here,
in the first few years the Germans buried them with military honor
this ended in 1943 after Hitler declared the allied airmen as terrorists,
and from that moment on the German just drove up to the cemetery
threw the body's from a truck on the pavement and left them there.

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The caretaker of the cemetery identified the body's himself and buried them

After the war the German casualties were reburied at Ysselstein German Cemetery,
the U.S. casualties were reburied at Margraten, Neufville and Codron in Belgium

As part of the "Rusthof" cemetery, the "Ereveld" (Military Cemetery)
is the resting place for a total of 865 Russian soldiers
from the former Soviet Union, of whom 101 are Russian
soldiers that perished in Kamp Amersfoort.
This "Ereveld"  was officially established on November 18th 1948

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101 graves are from Soviet Russian soldiers
who died in Concentration camp Amersfoort,
They where originally buried at "The Rusthof"
in a mass grave but reburied on this field of honor on March 28th 1946.

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On May 4, 1975 a new monument was unveiled on the "Ereveld".
This monument of Armenian white marble was carried from Russia by truck
in three sections it was installed by the Dutch Military Corps of Engineers.
The monument is a ten meter obelisk with an inscription in Dutch and Russian.

To the fighters of
The Soviet Army who
fell in
the struggle with the
German conquerors
1941 - 1945

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Unknown Soviet Soldier

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At the end of World War II, the U.S. Military Cemetery in Margraten,
located in the southern portion of the Dutch province of Limburg,
served as the initial resting place for the 691 Russian soldiers.
When, however, in 1947 the Military Cemetery was established at Rusthof,
the remains of the Russian soldiers were moved from Margraten
and laid to rest in the Ereveld at Rusthof.

Until 1979 the remains of a total of 73 Russian soldiers
(other than those from Kamp Amersfoort and the U.S. Military Cemetery at Margraten)
from various areas in The Netherlands, were interred at Rusthof.
(Of this group, at least fifty had been serving in the German Wehrmacht).

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In 1962 the simple nameplates on the graves where replaced
by sandstone headstones with the appropriate inscription.

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