Field of Honour Loenen (Gem Apeldoorn)

Field of Honour Loenen was established by the War Graves Foundation

On Oct 18th 1949 Princes Wilhelmina opened the cemetery

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Almost 4,000 victims of the Second World War are buried here:
military personnel, resistance fighters, political prisoners and victims of the forced labour program.
Most of these died in Germany.
Their remains were brought to the Netherlands after the establishment of the field of honour

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Inside the chapel the remembrance books are kept and some urns with the remains of victims from the concentration camps.
A shrine contains 42 books of remembrance with the names of 125,000 war victims,
whose graves have not been found or identified.

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The graves in this cemetery of over 17 acres are not laid out in big rows and crosses,
but are nearly invisible with a horizontal headstone.

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The Cross in the centre of the cemetery just behind the chapel.

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Reburial of war victims who have been laid to rest at other locations in the country, takes place regularly.

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Unknown victims.......

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Victims of United Nations peacekeeping missions have also been buried here since 1980.

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