Bergen op Zoom War Cemetery

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Bergen-op-Zoom War Cemetery

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The war cemetery is about 100 meters east of Bergen-op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery.

Many of those buried here died, like their Canadian brothers-in- arms,
in the operations on the northern shore of the Scheldt Estuary in the latter months in 1944 and in south-west Netherlands thereafter.
There are also a few British burials from WWI which were brought in when their original graves became unmaintainable.

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There are now 7 unidentified 1914-1918 and 1279, 1939-1945,
Commonwealth war casualties commemorated in this cemetery, of these 116 of the second world war are unidentified.
There are also 21 Foreign National casualties commemorated in this site.
Four marines belonging to the United Kingdom,
whose graves could not be precisely located, are commemorated by special memorials inscribed,
"Buried near this spot".
6 unidentified members of the Royal Navy were brought into this cemetery from small German cemeteries.

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It is not clear why these two concentration cemeteries, so close to each other, were not constructed as one.

1939-1945 war casualties commemorated in this site




Canadian 45
Australian 12
New Zealand 23

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