Bergen op Zoom Canadian War Cemetery

The Canadian War Cemetery Bergen op Zoom
Le Cemitière de Guerre Canadien Bergen op Zoom

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Bergen-op-Zoom is a town in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant,
40 kilometres north-west of Antwerp (Belgium).
Bergen-op-Zoom War Cemetery and Bergen-op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery are almost next to one another,
3 kilometres east of the town centre, on a road named Ruytershoveweg,
which runs parallel with the A58 Bergen-op-Zoom to Roosendaal motorway.

The cemeteries can be reached from the motorway by taking the Bergen-op-Zoom exit,
which leads on to Rooseveltlaan. At the first crossroads the cemeteries are signposted to the right.
There is a further signposted right turn after 1 kilometre,
and the cemeteries are 1.5 kilometres along this road on the left-hand side.

Most were killed in late 1944 during the clearing of the Scheldt estuary.

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Many of those buried here died, in the operations on the northern shore of the Scheldt
Estuary in the latter months in 1944 and in south-west Netherlands thereafter.

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