Canadian Cap Badges and shoulder flashes - Click on the thumbnail for a lager image


Badges of the
Canadian Army overseas
1939 - 1945

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1st Canadian Inf Div   

2nd Canadian Inf Div

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3rd Canadian Inv Div     

4th Canadian Armd Div

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5th Canadian Armd Div

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Many of the badges exsit in a variety of designs and may be made of different materials.
The designs of the most common badges are illustrated here.

1st Canadian Armd Carrier Regiment

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Shoulder flashes

These are just a few scans of Canadian Shoulder flashes from my collection.

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A few common Canadian medals

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From Left to right:
1939-1945 Star, The France and Germany Star
The Defence Medal, The Volunteer Service Medal, 1939 - 1945 War Medal

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